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Indian Superheroes (ISH) is an organic farmers’ co-operative,ย consisting of 800+ organic farmers from the marginalized tribal and rural communities of south India.ย Starting with just 2 organic farmers in late 2014, we have grown to hundreds of organic farmers in the span of two years.

We sell our produce directly to customers, without middlemen intervention.

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Why sell Direct to the Customer?

We want to break the monopoly of mass-produced, adulterated, chemically enhanced products – procured for dirt-cheap rates from the farmer, and sold at an exorbitant cost to the customers.

By selling directly to you, we ensure that you get genuine, organic products at highly affordable prices, and we get better returns for our produce.

Therefore, we sell under a common brandnameย Indian Superheroes that essentially drives home the point that farmers are the true superheroes. ๐Ÿ™‚

Indian Superheroes | Empowering Organic Farmers
Indian Superheroes | Empowering Organic Farmers

How Does Indian Superheroes Work?

โ€ข We have 8 collection centres across south India. All our farmers directly supply their produce to the collection centres, from where it is shipped to various locations โ€“ ensuring the quickest possible transit time.

โ€ข Each farmer in Indian Superheroes undergoes a rigorous field test protocol, including soil analysis and guidance on usage of effective organic fertilizers.

โ€ข Each organic farmer associated with Indian Superheroes form smaller communities alongside our self-help groups and makes many value-added products from the produce (cookies, noodles, pickles, fryums, essential oils, edible oils and so on). This ensures greater margins of profit and better chances of self-sustainability.

โ€ข We have regular meetups in a month to determine the pricing that we set for our produce โ€“ we do not supply through a chain of middlemen โ€“ we sell directly to the customer. Our prices are always affordable, higher than the wholesale market but lesser than the retail market price. This ensures better prices for you, and better returns for us.

โ€ข Training is held in different locations throughout the month on financial literacy, value-addition from their organic produce, and we setup solar dryers, pumps, drip irrigation systems and steam distillation units for our farmer group.

Our women SHG and farming community | Indian Superheroes
Our women SHG and farming community | Indian Superheroes

โ€ข All Indian Superheroes farmers grow their crops organically, and we help them apply for organic certifications. Currently 800 of our farmers are organic-certified. Being an Indian Superheroes farmer is a certification by itself โ€“ our stringent norms of selection ensure that!

โ€ข Additionally, interested relatives (especially women) of the Indian Superheroes farmers are enrolled with our microentrepreneur schemes in collaboration with various NGO representatives from across south India, enabling them to be self-sustainable. They make very interesting items โ€“ coconut shell earrings, jewels and home dรฉcor made from waste, artwork and others. They also run microbusiness ventures like small-scale grocery stores, pushcart hotels and so on.

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Contact us over email at support@indiansuperheroes.com.

(The Indian Organic Store is the eCommerce portalย of the Superheroes Foundation, aka the Indian Superheroes. You can follow the parent company updates here.)