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List of workshops available:

Farming Workshops

Zero Budget Organic Farming Workshop
Once every month
Learn the art of farming at an integrated organic farm!
Wanted to learn organic farming but didn't know where to start? Join our Zero Budget Natural Farming (ZBNF) Workshop and learn the secret art to create an integrated organic farm!
-Perfect for Newbies
-Rental Program Available
-20 hours over 2 days
-Completely hands-on
-Accommodation and Food Provided*
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Mushroom Cultivation Workshop
Once every month
Learn the art of farming at an integrated organic farm!
Wanted to setup your own mushroom cultivation unit but didn't know how? This program is for you!
-Advanced Training
-Materials and Cheat Sheets Provided
-10 hours
-Completely hands-on
-Accommodation and Food Provided*
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How healthy are you?

In the race with our own selves, are we forgetting to remember? Or is it the apathy that burns our common sense? Amidst greedy food industries and dying farmers, the gap cannot be bigger and more visible. As much as we the people try to get to healthier food options, the food industry slogs day and night to take us as far as possible from acquiring a healthy lifestyle. Once in awhile, in the middle of nowhere, when someone cares to pause and think about what is happening as a collective society, awakening happens. What you are depends a lot on what you eat. What you eat, reflects a lot on how you think. What you think, you become.

The need and the time for an organic drive is here and now. To a large section of the population, the term organic is coupled with “expensive”, “selling strategy”, and “luxury”. It is quite the opposite of each of these. It is an intuitive cycle. Think about it. Organic food is made using organic fruits, grains and vegetables. These organic ingredients, come up from crops that have been nurtured and nourished all through the year with utmost care and farming techniques. Now when I use the term farming techniques, I am obliged to be very careful and aware about what I am describing here. Very similar to ourselves and this human body, is our planet ‘Mother Earth’. What we give, is what we get.

When we try to suffocate our soil lands with harmful pesticides and fertilizers, all that that we would get back will be toxic by products of man-handled fruit and vegetable babies. Of course a profitable byproduct could be several folds of product stock. Merchants across the world are able to hoards of stock in this way. Imagine buying brinjal for your family. When I was a kid, my parents used to buy it by weight, by hand-picking healthy ones. But now, I am introduced to a hoard of pineapple sized aubergine/eggplant and asked to believe that they are different. For clarity, they are not different. They should ideally be the same. For massive production, these are fed all kinds of toxic crop chemicals and blown up in size! And we are asked to eat the ever-pregnant looking eggplants.

A person who would buy approximately 10-15 brinjal per 500g, now ends up buying 1 aubergine for his or her family. What is this, if not for business? Remember, I am not blaming the naturally grown eggplants here. I am only against the artificially blown up ones. One can easily find the difference between the two. When you cook the natural ones, you will be able to savor the taste, and relish it. On the contrary, the artificial one is lifeless, tasteless and dangerously nutrition-less! But they get sold out pretty fast, since the entire food industry is cashing in on people’s ignorance. Teams like Indian SuperHeroes who have woken up to this hideous fact, did not just take it upon themselves to educate the people, but are relentlessly working towards protecting the planet, and more so, at recovering the planet from the “already done” damage.

Now that, is organic. Next time someone tells you that organic is a fad, attempt to clarify the term and its vast meaning. Live and lead a life of an example, what you give, is what you get! So, ask yourself what you eat and how they grow! Before you turn a vulnerable target to those harmfully grown foods, ask yourself the most important question – how healthy are you? How healthy do you wanna be?

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How To Lead A Holistic Life With Aquarium Therapy?

Do you remember that big fish tank at the dentist clinic where Nemo get stuck?

Though it is a movie but movies are not just out of the blue. The dentist in the movie is a real professional and whenever any patient (kid) comes to visit him, he gives him the room with the aquarium to sit and wait.

Actually, there is a scientific reason behind that. Usually, kids that come to him for checkup, are already stressed by the fact that they are meeting a doctor and somehow their brains relate this to having pain, which is why calming them is essential.

Looking at an aquarium with vibrant colored fishes, swimming in the blue water has been proven to calm down the stress and anxiety, the kids usually have. In this way, they feel less pain when they are actually examined by the doctor because their brains are being relaxed by the serenity of the fishes.

This is not all. Looking at an aquarium full of fishes which is also referred as the aquarium therapy will actually help you to live a holistic life.

Let’s start with Blood Pressure & Stress:

Every 1 of 3 American adults is suffering from high blood pressure, which is around 75 million of the entire population. This is indeed a shocking and terrifying news.

Also, $46 billion is spent each year to treat this awful disease. But do you know that the aquarium therapy can help you to reduce your blood pressure level significantly?

It has been studied and proven that the tranquil swimming nature of the fishes can lower your stress level drastically which is why you will see most of the doctors have aquariums in their waiting rooms.

Having the best 20 gallon fish tank and contemplating the fishes in it will prove beneficial in the long run and also will keep you occupied from thinking something stressful.

A Happy Heart Is Happy You!

Again, I would like to start with statistics.

Every 1 of 4 Americans die in heart diseases and the number is increasing. But who knows that a simple aquarium can have the ability to strengthen our heart?

Yes! Fishes have the ability to do miracles. Aquarium therapy is really helpful in making you happy after the entire day of hard work and tough times. The serenity of the underwater environment will pierce your heart with love and compassion which will only let you to feel happy and relax.

Controlling The Aggressiveness Of The Alzheimer’s Patients:

Alzheimer’s patients are often found to be very aggressive and troublesome. These affected kids can be dealt with the Aquarium Therapy as the beauty of the underwater world with vibrant colors and corals keep them under control. Not only that it changes the eating habits of the kids and increase the nutrition intake.

Overall, contemplating the fishes and the serenity of the deep blue water will help them to improve
their health condition drastically.

Treating Autism & ADHD Disorders:

Sudden emotional outbursts are very common to Autistic Children which is why they are difficult to handle but an aquarium therapy can help them to calm their nerve down and feel more relaxed.

Also, the children with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder are prone to losing concentration level easily.

An attractive fish tank has the ability to turn their heads towards it and control their nerves and heart beats by keeping them more concentrated.

Bottom Line:

It is proven that the aquarium therapy is more helpful in keeping your life happy, satisfied and
stress-free than any other natural ways. Fishes have the ability to make you more compassionate and feel complete. A day-long stress can be instantly minimized if you contemplate the fishes in the deep blue water.