This Matcha Tea is 137 Times Better than your Green Tea! ☕

Japanese Matcha Tea – The Best There is!

At Indian Organic Store, we sell products that are sourced from our own Superhero farmers. But that doesn’t stop us from admiring and relishing a few extraordinary products from around the world.

Recently, we stumbled upon Matcha – powdered Green Tea from Japan that has 137 times more antioxidants than the regular green tea!

Research has shown that Matcha is the best bet to help burn calories, aid metabolism, and also enhance focus and calm! With all this information, we wanted to surely have a taste of this legend from Japan.

It was then that we started looking at the options. A quick search on Amazon led us to KimiNo, WowMatcha, DoMatcha and a few other Matcha tea brands – it has really hit it off the shelves recently!

The Winner Is?

We took a lot of things into consideration even before placing our order. Some of the criteria we factored in were:

  • Japanese Agricultural Standards (JAS) Certification.
  • First or second harvest matcha, which makes it richer in antioxidants.
  • Affordability.
  • Packaging.

Based on these standards, we ordered KimiNo, WowMatcha and DoMatcha. We found them to be tasting great and made some fascinating recipes with it, all by watching a few YouTube videos on demand!

At the end of a strenuous, three hour battle weighing the pros and cons of each, and grading them in accordance to their color, texture, taste, nutrient values, price and the overall quality, we arrived at a hands down winner –  KimiNo.

WowMatcha came a close second, and a shade later came DoMatcha.

We highly recommend that you try KimiNo Matcha powder if you haven’t already – its atleast 10 times more effective than a regular “brewed” cup of green tea.

Here’s the winner:

We’d Love your Feedback

Let us know after you try  KimiNo. Incase you choose to try
WowMatcha or DoMatcha, tell us if it were any good. Here’s to a happier, healthier YOU!

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