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Hill Honey


Honey is a delicious and natural sweetener many of us are already familiar with. For those looking to eat fewer processed foods, honey may seem like a good natural choice as a sweetener, but first you must know that not all honey is created equal.

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Organic Country Sugar (500gms)


Organic Country sugar from our superhero farms is a form of sugar that is extracted from raw sugar cane without the application of any additives or synthetic chemicals. A very good trait of organic cane sugar is that it preserves all the original vitamins and minerals.

Organic country sugar is a form of sugar that is extracted from raw sugar cane without the application of any additives or synthetic chemicals. A very good trait of organic cane sugar is that it preserves all the original vitamins and minerals, making it good for regular consumption.

Organic cane sugar is not like brown sugar, which is white sugar with molasses thrown back in. The organic sugar is not very white and smooth as the processing of this kind of sugar is done in such a way that the healthy parts are not stripped off. Such sugar can also be called unrefined sugar.

Compared to white sugar, organic sugar has the full-bodied taste of sugarcane and is much less processed, retaining a lot of the nutrients present in cane juice. It is pretty safe to use organic sugar and does not have chemicals that can harm your body.It contains 17 amino acids, 11 minerals, and 6 vitamins, including antioxidants that may help reverse oxidative damage. It is made up of sucrose, fructose, and glucose. The best thing about such sugar is that you will get the best of the taste devoid of any kind of negative effect.

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Organic Palm Rock Candy



Rock sugar, from palm, beet, or cane sugar is less sweet than granulated sugars. It has a clear taste, with no caramel tones. Because it’s less sweet, it is great in tea, and doesn’t overwhelm the flavor of tea as much as white sugarcane.

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Organic Wild Forest, Raw Honey


Organic Raw honey is extracted from deep within the wild forests of Ooty and Kollimalai atop massive boulders and dangerous terrains by our very own Tribal Superheroes.

Tribals go through ultimate dangers to extract honey from the mountains.

Buying from Indian Superheroes will enable them to lead a better life. We have committed to providing them financial education, enabling their kids to go to school, and get better safety harnesses and livelihood through our NGO, Superheroes Foundation.

One tweak in your lifestyle can make a difference to the livelihood of thousands of tribals.
Your choice can change a life.

Product Specifications

✔ Non-GMO
✔ Verified – Sustainably Harvested
✔ Collected from Deep Within Virgin Forests
✔ Socially Responsible – 89% of the MRP goes back to the tribals.
✔ Bee Friendly Floral Honey
✔ Supports the biodiversity of the forests
✔ Smoke is used to merely drive away the bees – tribals don't kill them.


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