100% Eco-friendly, Recycled Newspaper 2HB Pencils (Wholesale) from India, with Customized Pencil Designs. ISH Plantcil is pencils with exquisite Indian designs that are fun to use.Tree smart seed pencils that sprout.

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ISH Plantcil – 100% Eco Friendly, Zero Wood Pencil


ISH Plantcil are pencils with exquisite Indian designs that are 100% ecofriendly and fun to use!
Plantcil comes in two variants:

ISH Plantcil – The Zero Wood, 100% Ecofriendly Pencil
One of India’s finest 100% eco-friendly pencils! With zero wood and 10 Indian ethnic designs, these pencils are both professional and fun to use, for both corporates and kids alike! Made in India, with loads of love – with the intention of preventing massive deforestation that is plaguing the world today. Now, we offer customization as well – get your own branding and color scheme for the pencil and gift it to your staff, colleagues, kids and everyone you love! Order online, and send us your logo and color scheme to plantcil@indiansuperheroes.com, and we will do the rest!

ISH Plantcil – The Pencil That Becomes a Plant (Not in Production)
India’s first 100% eco-friendly plant in a pencil! Use them, and then plant it in a pot and watch it grow into basil, chilli, tomato and plants of different kinds. Made in India, with loads of love – with native seeds sourced from our very own Superhero farms.

Why Plantcil?

Upcycled paper pencils – a ton of which can help save 17 trees, 7000 gallons of water, 380 gallons of oil, 3.3 cubic yards of landfill, 4000 kilowatt of energy and reduce carbon footprint and greenhouse gas emissions by one metric ton.

Why Upcycle than Use Wood?
Why Upcycle than Use Wood?

How Does it Make A Difference?

  • The use of trees for the manufacturing of pencils leads to unnecessary deforestation. The effects of this is seen in the massive environmental crisis that we’re facing.
  • Recycling just ONE 2.5-foot stack of waste papers will save a 20-foot pine tree.
  • Do you know that 79 million pencils could be made from the paper used in a single press run of the Sunday newspaper?

Note: Do give us 15-20 days to ship the product.
Quantity: Pack of 10 pencils.
Make: Royal Black Matte Finish with ethnic Indian designs
Compliments: 1 sharpener eraser

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