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Organic Farm Rental Program


Learn zero budget organic farming, the Farmville way!

Rent A Farm Program

How Does Farm Renting Work?

In a nutshell, here’s how it works:

  • You register for the program, choose your plot, and duration of the renting period.

Note: Currently our program is open in Coimbatore only. The rental period/workshop is on 25th of November and 26th of November. You can bring one more person (1+1) alongside you. (This is not applicable for participants who’ve registered for Only The Workshop). Kids are welcome (entry-free)!

  • You will undergo an experiential, hands-on training about Zero Budget Organic Farming (mandatory) on 25th of November and 26th of November. 
  • We help you with crop selection, sowing seeds, preparing organic manure and pest repellents, and help you learn de-weeding, drip water irrigation techniques, vermicomposting, and much more.
  • We will train you completely to use integrated farming technologies that will enable you to use all produce and waste from your farm and reuse it as manure and fertilizers.
  • Once the two-day training is done, you can visit the farms during the weekends/at your leisure (see T&C for more details).
  • Our Farm Hustlers (see T&C for more details) will take care of your farm completely in your absence – no worries about your crops dying.
  • Once the rental period is done, you can harvest the crops and take it back home, or sell it at the local market. 
  • For more information on the size of the farms for both workshops and the rental duration, see T&C.

Only 10 participants per batch. 


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