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Organic Green Gram
(500 gms)


Green Gram/Whole Green Gram or Paasi Payiru from our superhero farms is loaded with nutrients and it’s an energy rich food when consumed as sprouts.

Green Grams are loaded with nutritional health benefits. By eating green gram, you get high protein, low calorie food that is packed with vitamins and minerals.

 Nutritional Value of Green Gram
• High in Protein
• High in Fiber
• Low in Fat
• Low in Calories

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Organic Virgin Coconut Oil


Organic ISH Virgin coconut oil from our Superhero farm is a show stopper. Our virgin coconut oil is made from the milk of fresh matured premium quality coconuts handpicked from our Superhero organic coconut farms, and processed without heat at any stage of processing under strict hygienic conditions. This ensures premium quality virgin coconut oil with the full flavor and aroma of fresh coconut. We never use chemicals or solvents or heat which is used to get more coconut oil output in the extraction process. Our cold pressed virgin coconut oil extracted only through fermentation process to ensure purity, superior quality, freshness & aroma.

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