Organic Health Bar (Oats, Prunes and Almonds)


Our Organic Health Bars aren't just for the health freaks! It is great for everyone and for snacking!
You can turn it into a breakfast on-the-go or part of a light meal for active people.
You know what the best part of our bars is?
We are homemade! Which we all know is bestmade!

Sold By ISH Organic
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Excess weight, poor diet, obesity, malnutrition all lead to less productivity in the workplace.So skip the mindless eating, avoid the office vending machines, break the bad habits, and dig into our nutritious, organic health bars instead of grabbing that cupcake or packet of chips!
Sometimes it isn’t about willpower. It’s about making the right choices!

Splendid bars available in two varieties – Oats & Almonds and Oats & Prunes.
And just because it is organic, doesn’t mean it isn’t tasty!
Taste it to believe it!

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Oats and Almonds, Oats and Prunes


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